Sully County Voters Approve Ethanol Zoning

- The people of Sully County, South Dakota have spoken loud and clear with last night’s election results showing overwhelming support for the zoning of the proposed Ring-Neck Energy ethanol plant to be built south of Onida. According to KCCR radio in Pierre, Sully County residents submitted 530 yes votes to 142 nay votes. A 62% […]

Will ethanol be a part of Sully County’s future?

- Voting is underway in Sully County until county-wide election day on June 16th as residents decide whether or not the county wants to take advantage of a new multi-million-dollar, value-added economic development opportunity. The project being proposed is Ring-Neck Energy and Feed, an ethanol plant with ready investors who stepped up and are willing to […]

Corn Comments 5.4 – Congrats & Good Luck Graduates

- Mobile Link Congratulations to this year’s high school, technical and university graduates and best of luck in their future endeavors. As Jim Woster notes during this week’s Corn Comments, there are opportunities aplenty across the state of South Dakota working in agriculture. Much of the demand has stemmed from the increased use of technology and data […]

The Importance of Trade in South Dakota

- Global trade and exports have become a vital part of the South Dakota economy. There were 939 different South Dakota companies exporting goods in 2013, 75% of which were considered small or medium-sized businesses. Their total value of goods exported totaled over $1.6 billion which supporting thousands of jobs. But leading the way in exports […]

Renewable Fuels Spur Enormous Economic Development in SD

- Most people only see ethanol as a choice at the gas pump. But in South Dakota, it’s far more than that. Besides reducing toxic emissions and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, the renewable fuels industry has an annual enormous economic output of $6.9 billion including 26,000 jobs, $2.1 billion in wages and $581.7 million […]

Why choose ethanol?

- If you follow South Dakota Corn on Facebook and Twitter, you most likely notice a bit of banter about ethanol, America’s renewable, clean-burning alternative to gasoline. So why should you choose ethanol when filling up your vehicle? We’re glad you asked. Below are five reasons to choose American-made ethanol the next time you fill up. […]

Corn Comments 10.14 – The impact of ethanol

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. What’s ethanol’s annual impact on the South Dakota economy? $3.8 billion. How many jobs has ethanol created in this state alone? 1,900, and the average salary of those workers was an estimated $60,000. According to a study done by Iowa State University revealed that by having ethanol in the […]

The Renewable Fuel Standard is working

- How can America reduce its dependence on foreign oil, increase its energy security and create hundreds of thousands of green jobs? The answer is the Renewable Fuel Standard which has accomplished all of those feats in the matter of five short years. A recent report from the EIA in May 2011 showed that the United […]

VEETC part of Congress’ “Must Do” list during Lame Duck

- Following the election gives way to Congress’ “Lame Duck” Session in which the Senate and House take care of the remaining issues left on their plate. The most noted issue for the ethanol industry is of course is the need to renew VEETC, the volumetric ethanol excise tax credit which is set to expire at […]

The State of Clean Energy Address

- Wednesday night, millions of people watched President Barack Obama give the annual State of the Union Address and he touched on some great topics: jobs, education, economy, climate change, health care, the war on terror and clean, renewable energy. Many of those issues could benefit from something already available and ready to expand…United States Ethanol. […]