Corn #Harvest15 Begins

- It’s official, corn harvest 2015 has begun on a few farms in South Dakota as early-planted crops and warm September weather have allowed cornfields to mature and dry down without facing an early freeze.   According to USDA-NASS, 2% of the state’s corn crop had been harvested as of Sunday, September 20th, which surprisingly is […]

Silage Season Has Begun

- Silage season has started in areas across South Dakota as choppers are making their way through cornfields mincing the plants into feed for dairy and/or beef cattle for the coming year. For those unfamiliar with how the silage process works, we have a video of silage harvest from South Dakota Corn Utilization Council director, Jason […]

Corn Comments: Auctioneers and Stockyards

- Mobile Link Tune into this week’s Corn Comments segment as Jim Woster’s State Fair prep continues with a preview of the South Dakota Auctioneers Association bid calling contest on Sunday, September 6th at 2pm on the Dakota Land Stage with all proceeds going towards 4-H. Jim is also working on a project called the Ag Heritage Center […]

Silage Season

- While corn harvest has started in the southern to central areas of the United States, South Dakota farmers are in the middle of silage season. Choppers are making their way through cornfields mincing the plants into feed for dairy and/or beef cattle for the coming year. For those unfamiliar with how the silage process works, […]

What will happen to South Dakota’s corn crop?

- South Dakota farmers harvested the state’s largest corn crop on record in 2013, but what happens to all of that corn?  Who will use it? Where does it go? South Dakota has three primary markets for its corn: ethanol, exports and livestock. This year, South Dakota’s 15 ethanol plants are expected to use 377 million […]

What happens to South Dakota’s corn?

- With harvest long since completed, you might be wondering what happens to all of the corn that was raised in South Dakota. Where does it go and who uses it? South Dakota ranks 6th in the nation in corn production, providing food, feed, fuel and fiber to growing populations in the state, nation and all […]

Chopped Corn

- The hot, dry weather across the state this summer along with early planting has put the corn silage season in fast forward. Corn farmers around the state have their choppers running as they cut down fields for quality livestock forage. While chopping corn for silage in South Dakota is a typical late summer task, many […]

Livestock remain corn’s #1 customer

- Despite media outlet, Bloomberg’s recently released story titled, “Ethanol Eats More Corn Than Cows,” cattle, chickens and the rest animal feed industry still rank number one when it comes to consuming corn. Bloomberg uses the direct corn use numbers showing that ethanol will consume 5.1 billion bushels and livestock will consume 4.6 billion bushels making a […]

The rise of DDGs

- Distillers dried grains, “work wonders” according to livestock feeders and its popularity, production efficiency and known feed value are all continuing to grow.  Simply put, the byproduct of corn ethanol has suddenly become a highly demanded co-product. A report just last week showed that DDGs has replaced soybean meal as the number two livestock feed […]

Absolute Hogwash!

- National livestock organizations continue to attack American ethanol and the renewable fuel policies which have been put in place to encourage domestic energy production and provide American’s with a supply of clean-burning fuel. Attack after attack by sending letters to media and law makers about how ethanol is hurting their industry by causing a rise […]