Why celebrate National Ag Day?

- Where does your food come from? If you said the grocery store you better guess again. With today being National Ag Day, we ask that you take a moment to be thankful for the thousands of American farm families who spend most of their lives working to ensure that consumers like us have access to […]

Happy National Ag Day!

- Food, feed, fuel and fiber are all necessities in today’s world that we all take for granted each and every day. For the shirt on our back, the clean fuel in our car and the nutritious food in our bellies, we need to thank the American farmer. National Ag Day is not only a time […]

Celebrate National Ag Day in South Dakota

-   National Ag Day in South Dakota is special one as we celebrate our state’s #1 industry. An industry employs 143,000 South Dakotans and produces $21 billion in annual economic activity. South Dakota is home to 46,000 producers on 31,500 farms. 98% of the farms in South Dakota are family owned and operated and each […]