PUMP explains oil’s monopoly, explores options

- It’s no secret; oil has had a monopolistic hold on America’s transportation fuel supply for nearly a century. This has undoubtedly hurt American families due to high and volatile gasoline prices, along with nasty and harmful emissions that continue to pollute the air we breathe. With laws, regulations, subsidies and about everything seemingly in their […]

Oil continues to rule the rail

- As family farmers, grain co-ops, ethanol plants and other agribusinesses continue to suffer from poor rail service for nearly a year now, oil shipments on the rails continue to climb. This is according to the United States Energy Information Administration whose data shows oil carloads topping 15,000 per week and continuing to rise. How does […]

Choose American Fuel this Memorial Day

- As we pay tribute to our military veterans this Memorial Day, save money on your travels by choosing clean-burning, American-made ethanol when filling up at the pump. With the oil industry drastically raising gasoline prices to record levels and sticking it to consumers just before one of the biggest travel and patriotic holidays of the […]

A costly addiction, an available alternative

- Why does America continue to rely so heavily on the finite resource oil? As a nation we have left ourselves extremely vulnerable with so much to lose. It’s difficult to judge just what kind of damage fluctuating fuel prices have on our economy because everything depends on it. The ups, downs and constant uncertainties hurt […]

Combat high oil prices, choose ethanol

-   Anybody else tired of volatile oil prices and the effect they have on prices at the gas pump, grocery store and other transported goods? The price of a barrel of crude oil was back over $100 this week which means the cost of gas, food and many other goods will continue to climb as […]

America needs an Open Fuel Standard

- Let’s face it, not only is America addicted to oil, but our government mandates that addiction which leads to consumers and businesses to relying on imported oil from countries that literally hate us. Hundreds of millions of dollars leave our country everyday in exchange for dirty foreign oil. We have the ability to change all […]

FREEDOM…from oil with ethanol

- Finally, a film that dares to defend America’s only available alternative to gasoline, ethanol. The job producing and environmentally friendly fuel has plenty of critics these days, but this film takes a much closer look at the truth behind this ever growing and evolving industry. Green Planet Productions new documentary film, FREEDOM offers viewers an […]

Not so costly corn

- It’s amazing how misinformation can spread these days with nothing other than uneducated opinions and easy-to-blame targets. This seems to be especially true in regards to our rising food costs and assumptions of what’s driving up those costs. Some media blast ethanol production and high corn prices as the reason for your growing grocery bill […]

Ethanol is reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil

- A new report from the United States Energy Information Agency shows that imported oil has been reduced from over 60% of the United States fuel supply in 2005 to less than 50% in 2010. Causes for the decrease can be attributed to the sluggish economy, higher efficiency vehicles and domestic biofuel production. Manufacturing plants producing […]

Radical Enviros urge continued dependence on oil

- If you had to guess what a so-called “environmental” group would support when it came down to transportation fuels would you pick: A- old, dirty oil or B- clean, renewable biofuels? The answer may have you scratching your head but don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. Believe it or not the answer is actually […]