Food and Oil Prices Closely Tied

- FOOD vs. FUEL, an argument started by Big Oil which never seems to cease has been sparked once again. Consumers continue to be misled by monster media outlets reporting old data from biased sources. But recent reports from experts around world have again proven that farmers and biofuels are not the cause of rising food […]

Serious Subsidy Talk

- With all of the recent press and proposed legislation about the need to eliminate VEETC, the ethanol blender’s credit, people should first compare the amount invested into biofuels compared to what our country is spending on oil subsidies. Oil companies receive more than 10 times that of ethanol, our countries only available alternative to gasoline. […]

America’s ugly dependence on foreign oil

- As controversy continues to swirl in the Middle East, oil prices continue to soar. High oil prices affect nearly all American motorists in a negative way and the time has come for additional domestic alternatives.  Biodiesel, ethanol, electric, hydrogen, natural gas and advanced biofuels are all part of the current and future plan but further […]

Environmental Journalism at its Worst

- As the world witnessed the worst oil spill of mankind during the last few months in the Gulf of Mexico, environmental journalists seemingly ignored the manmade disaster and directed their attention towards farmers. Corn farmers to be exact, those same people working every day to provide the world with food, feed, fuel and fiber are […]

Looking into Ethanol’s Water Use

- In discussing the Pro’s and Con’s of ethanol, a hot topic is always how much water it takes to produce a gallon. It might sound alarming at the time, but it never hurts to look further into the matter. “There’s too much attention on water usage by ethanol plants,” says Sangwon Suh, assistant professor, Bioproducts/Biosystems […]

November ’09 was a Record Month for Ethanol

- The United States hit a record rate of ethanol production when they averaged 761,000 barrels of ethanol per day this last November. The record is an increase of 93,000 barrels per day since November of 2008. Ethanol demand also reached a record high of 781,000 barrels per day. The new ethanol record could be attributed […]