Corn Comments: Consider Agriculture’s Opportunities

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster advises that young people consider agriculture when making decisions about furthering their education via college or tech school. South Dakota has ample opportunities for the next generation to excel in agriculture and the demand for employees and entreprenuers is on the rise. One new educational […]

Boost efficiency, yields with the WCB Precision Ag Conference

- In just the last five years, advancements in precision agriculture have been a game changer for farm efficiency. Using less energy, cutting emissions, precisely placing nutrients, planting just the right amount of seed, not overlapping on spray and increasing overall yields. Now with corn prices at 3-year lows, farmers will need to continue to push […]

Corn Comments 9.2 – Agriculture and Technology

- Corn Comments with Jim Woster. Technology is not only changing the way we farm for the better, it’s creating abundant opportunities for young folks who are entering the work force or coming back to the farm. In this week’s Corn Comments Podcast, Jim Woster explains how rapidly changing ag technologies are creating opportunities for young […]

SDSU to host Precision Ag Conference

- The use of precision technology in agriculture has been a game-changer in the way food is grown today. These advancements have led to drastic improvements in both the economical and environmental sides of farming. Precision agriculture has allowed farmers to increase yields while reducing the amount of necessary inputs such as seed, fuel, fertilizer and […]

Feeding More with Less

- The 2012 Precision Ag Conference was filled with great speakers, who concentrated their message around one task, doing more with less. Getting more from the land with fewer inputs while improving the overall environment. This idea of increasing productivity is not simply a dream, but a necessity if we plan on being able to continue […]

Prevailing Precision

- Walking around the giant tradeshow at Commodity Classic in Nashville you couldn’t get very far without seeing a company who had something to do with precision agriculture. And rightfully so as a large majority of farmers continue investing in and adapting to the latest technology to make their operation more efficient and productive while reducing […]

Corn Comments 3.12 – Precision Ag Conference

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. Attention farmers, get ready for the 2012 Precision Ag Conference being held at the Ramkota Hotel in Sioux Falls, SD on March 27th featuring numerous industry experts including three key note speakers: Tom Doerge, Agronomist for John Deere, Barry Anderson, Pioneer Agronomy Research Manager and Don Roose, Founder and President of […]

Precision Agriculture and Beyond

- Increased yields, savings in time, reduced runoff, precise application of nutrients and seeds are all ingredients of precision agriculture, which is setting up farmers for future success. With the price of inputs on the rise and margins thin, a farmer’s productivity has never been more important. Precision ag dates back to the 1970’s when laser […]