Ending the RINsanity

- Ok, many of you are probably wondering what is RINsanity? RIN-san-ity: noun – a false and shameful attempt by Big Oil to blame rising gas prices on RINs. RINs, aka Renewable Identification Numbers, are serial numbers given to each gallon of renewable fuel in the United States to track just how much is being used. […]

Action Alert: Protect the RFS

- As you know, the EPA wants to lower the renewable fuel standard. It’s time for South Dakota’s corn farmers and others to speak out and let the EPA know that’s a mistake. We have written a letter to the EPA. All you have to do is click on this link and if you agree with […]

Cost of turkey less, despite the RFS

- The centerpiece of your Thanksgiving Day feast will cost you and yours a little less this year, according to the American Farm Bureau. Prices per pound of whole turkeys have fallen since 2012, ensuring Americans will have yet another affordable and filling day of thanks. This report comes despite cries of pure hypocrisy from folks […]

Dear EPA: Don’t mess with the RFS

- Real cuts to the Renewable Fuel Standard could be coming from President Obama’s administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. A proposal last Friday revealed that cuts to corn ethanol could be as large as 1.4 billion gallons in 2014, more than the amount of ethanol produced by the state of South Dakota each year. Reductions […]

Corn farmers tackle issues in D.C.

- Corn farmers from states across the Midwest including South Dakota are meeting in Washington, D.C. this week with two things on their minds: seeing the completion of a new 5-year farm bill and protecting the Renewable Fuel Standard. South Dakota farmers participated in a number of National Corn Growers Action Team meetings Monday and Tuesday […]

Consumers win, Big Oil loses in RFS decision

- The South Dakota Corn Growers Association supports today’s decision by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to not waive the Renewable Fuel Standard. In yet another failed attempt by big oil to take down ethanol, America’s clean and renewable fuel, the statistics proved that even with the drought’s impact on corn production, the RFS is […]

Top 5 Reasons to Protect the RFS

- In light of the numerous articles, discussions and commenting period dealing with the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard, we thought we would share our top 5 reasons to protect the RFS. 1.     Increased energy security Since the implementation of the Renewable Fuel Standard just a short seven years ago, imported oil’s share of domestic […]

Absolute Hogwash!

- National livestock organizations continue to attack American ethanol and the renewable fuel policies which have been put in place to encourage domestic energy production and provide American’s with a supply of clean-burning fuel. Attack after attack by sending letters to media and law makers about how ethanol is hurting their industry by causing a rise […]

The Renewable Fuel Standard is working

- How can America reduce its dependence on foreign oil, increase its energy security and create hundreds of thousands of green jobs? The answer is the Renewable Fuel Standard which has accomplished all of those feats in the matter of five short years. A recent report from the EIA in May 2011 showed that the United […]

Modifying RFS would be a step backwards for U.S.

- If you want to accomplish something, you set a goal and you find ways to achieve it. Right? Well not according to United States Representatives, Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Jim Costa (D-CA) who introduced a bill to tweak America’s Renewable Fuels Standard, our countries goal to become more energy independent. In their bill corn ethanol production […]