No-Till On the Rise in SD

- Soil health is becoming a buzzword these days as folks are starting to pay more attention to their food, sustainability and farming in general. Of course it’s nothing new to farmers who seek to increase yields and work to keep their land productive for generations to come. A major way farmers can increase soil health […]

Alverson talks corn, carbon and climate at COP21

- Leaders from around the world are meeting in Paris at the Conference of Parties 21, commonly referred to as COP21, to discuss direct initiatives on how to globally address climate change. Among the many discussions taking place, South Dakota Corn Growers president Keith Alverson gave a presentation on behalf of the National Corn Growers Association […]

What is mycorrhiza?

- Say it with me now, my–co-rhyz-ah. So what is it? Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) is beneficial fungi that lives in the soil and naturally provides phosphorus and other nutrients like zinc and copper to cash crops, reducing the need for expensive fertilizer inputs. AMF allows plant roots to explore 1,000 times more soil volume than […]

This Is Farming Showcases Sustainability Efforts

- Just as the state’s farmers work to harvest their crops this fall, South Dakota Corn is rolling out a new season of This Is Farming to display those efforts with a campaign filled with new facts, ads, videos and a fresh look. Farming is a family business in South Dakota and to ensure those farms […]

Saline/Sodic Soil Information Available

- In South Dakota, saline and sodic soils are a serious problem as they inhibit plant growth and productivity. These soils affect an estimated 7.6 million acres of farmland across the state, concentrated mostly in the Upper James River area. Due to increased precipitation over the past decades the problem continues to get worse. The South […]