Sully County Voters Approve Ethanol Zoning

- The people of Sully County, South Dakota have spoken loud and clear with last night’s election results showing overwhelming support for the zoning of the proposed Ring-Neck Energy ethanol plant to be built south of Onida. According to KCCR radio in Pierre, Sully County residents submitted 530 yes votes to 142 nay votes. A 62% […]

Corn Comments 5.11 – Woster’s fuel of choice

- Mobile Link What type of fuel does Jim Woster choose at the pump? The answer is South Dakota-made ethanol of course. Jim put 320,000 miles on the black Buick pictured above and all of those miles were fueled by ethanol blended gasoline. Jim also uses ethanol in both his snowblower and lawn blower with no problems […]

Will ethanol be a part of Sully County’s future?

- Voting is underway in Sully County until county-wide election day on June 16th as residents decide whether or not the county wants to take advantage of a new multi-million-dollar, value-added economic development opportunity. The project being proposed is Ring-Neck Energy and Feed, an ethanol plant with ready investors who stepped up and are willing to […]