This Is Farming Showcases Sustainability Efforts

- Just as the state’s farmers work to harvest their crops this fall, South Dakota Corn is rolling out a new season of This Is Farming to display those efforts with a campaign filled with new facts, ads, videos and a fresh look. Farming is a family business in South Dakota and to ensure those farms […]

Sustainability leader to speak in Sioux Falls

- Meeting the growing demands for food, feed, fuel and fiber is something that America’s farmers have been accomplishing for decades. But with human populations rising around the globe, the need to meet those demands in a sustainable manner have never been more important as farmers strive to become more efficient while having a minimal impact […]

Corn Comments 1.27 – Biotech Talk

- In this week’s Corn Comments Podcast, Jim Woster shares some interesting facts about biotechnology and the challenge we are faced with feeding nine billion people by year 2050. Biotechnology is allowing farmers to grow more bushels using less water and fewer inputs, increasing overall efficiency and sustainability.

Conventional or Organic?

- A new study out of the Stanford University School of Medicine shows little to no difference in terms of health and nutrition when comparing conventional and organic foods. While organic foods may be more expensive, it has nothing to do with them being better for you but instead has more to do with the farming […]

Study Shows Corn Farming Becoming More Sustainable

- In a news release today from Field to Market Report, new statistics were released which revealed that modern farming practices involving corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, cotton and potatoes continue to become more and more sustainable. When specifically talking about corn, the study discovered that in the last 30 years corn farmers have… decreased land use […]

Biotechnology Making the Impossible, Possible

- In a world growing by 200,000 people per day, farmers have plenty of mouths to feed. Biotechnology is allowing farmers to provide by producing more with less. Biotechnology crops have done everything from providing better nutrition, resistance to pest and crop disease and drought tolerance with future plans of flood tolerate crops. Biotechnology is simply […]