Corn Comments 3.9 – Research, Results & More

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster discusses the important South Dakota Corn funded research projects being performed at South Dakota State University and explains how important that work is in helping to benchmark our farmers’ efficiency and environmental responsibility as folks continue to grow more with less. Don’t forget about Membership […]

Corn Comments 7.7 – Sustainability on the rise

- 7.7.14-R140701REV-CC In this week’s Corn Comments, Jim Woster talks about how much the farming landscape has improved over the past few decades. From improvements in technology to changes in tillage practices to improved water management to new conservation methods, today’s farmers are meeting the growing demands for food, feed, fuel and fiber, and they are […]

Sustainability Statistics

- With today being World Environment Day, we thought it would be appropriate to share these statistics showing how farmers are protecting the environment, becoming more efficient and meeting the world’s demands for food, feed, fuel and fiber. Learn more about how farmers are protecting the environment by visiting:

Every day is Earth Day on the farm

- Earth day comes but once a year giving folks a time to appreciate the world we live in by planting a tree, starting a recycling project, picking up trash or finding ways to become more energy efficient. But to our nations’ farmers, everyday is Earth Day. South Dakota farmers and ranchers, the True Environmentalists, take […]