Got a drone? Get it registered

-   The latest tool in precision agriculture is high-flying, aerial photography/light sensory taken via drone aka unmanned aircraft system commonly referred to as UAS. Their popularity is picking up among photographers, hobbyists and farmers who are using different software systems to monitor crop stress, excess moisture, pest pressure and nutrient deficiency in fields. Regulating these […]

Corn Comments 2.9 – Soaring Technology, Opportunity

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments podcast, Jim Woster visits about how new precision technology is being incorporated into South Dakota farms and ranches. Playing a major role in transitioning to these new technologies includes our young people who are vital to the future of the state’s number one industry. Just like the new technology, career opportunities in agriculture […]

Corn Comments 9.2 – Agriculture and Technology

- Corn Comments with Jim Woster. Technology is not only changing the way we farm for the better, it’s creating abundant opportunities for young folks who are entering the work force or coming back to the farm. In this week’s Corn Comments Podcast, Jim Woster explains how rapidly changing ag technologies are creating opportunities for young […]

New Ag iPad App

- Farmers are constantly on move, especially during spring planting season. Time is short but the need for information is still great as many decisions are determined around the weather, markets and expert information. Access to this data has to be quick and simple which is why a new farming tool from DTN, an overall agriculture […]

Another Advancement in Agriculture: LoadOut Technology

- Imagine pulling up to your grain bin full of corn with either your semi-trailer or gravity box and loading without having to even leave your seat. Not only can you start loading grain from your seat, but you can watch it load and stop it when complete, all from the screen of your smart phone. […]