Corn Comments: Tree Planting Farmers

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster informs listeners about the great deal of conservation taking place on South Dakota farms when it comes to tree plantings.

SD farmers planted 719,881 trees in ‘14

- While trees are not entirely native to the rolling plains of South Dakota, they have been an important soil conservation tool across the state’s landscape since the first pioneers arrived and remain so today on modern family farms. Farmers, the true environmentalists, have taken their share of unfair criticism during the past few years from […]

625,143 Trees Planted in ’13

- While the attacks on farmers continued in 2013 from environmental extremists and others, South Dakota farmers and landowners were busy planting trees. 625,143 is the exact number from the South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts, which is around 770 miles of trees, or about the distance from the South Dakota boarder to Dallas, Texas. Tree […]