Corn Comments 10.22 – Pheasant Season Begins

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. During this week’s Corn Comments Podcast, Jim Woster talks about the South Dakota tradition of pheasant hunting. He also talks about the conservation efforts done by our state’s farmers and ranchers including food plots, shelter belts, stock damns and grass waterways which provides crucial habitat for wildlife. As you […]

Caring for the land is part of the job

- The land is the lifeblood of any farm. So a family farmer’s number one priority and responsibility is to keep that land healthy and productive by continuing to adapt sustainable practices, applying conservation efforts and utilizing new technologies. More and more farmers are adopting no and minimal till farming practices which are benefiting the soil […]

Corn Comments 12.13

- Corn Comments Podcast 12.13 with Jim Woster. Have you considered becoming a member of the South Dakota Corn Growers? Join today! Don’t forget about our 25th annual meeting, “Corn Hop” coming up on January 22nd. If you are a SDCGA member and would like to submit an SDCGA resolution at this year’s annual meeting, please click […]

Why are some corn rows left behind?

- They catch your eye as you drive across South Dakota during the fall and winter months. Long stretches of corn stalks, two to four rows wide, instigating curious thoughts in the minds of travelers who wonder why? Did the farmer miss or forget them? In agriculture, more often than not, there’s a method to the […]

Corn Comments 10.25

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. South Dakota Farmers and Ranchers are the True Environmentalists. Be sure to register by November 6th to register to win $5,000 worth of free groceries from South Dakota Farmers Feed Us.

Corn Comments 10.18.10

- Corn Comments Podcast 10.18.10 with Jim Woster. Please use extra care this fall during your harvest season. South Daktoa Farmers and Ranchers are the “True Environmentalists”

Corn Comments 10.11.10

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. Listen to Jim discuss the many practices farmers use to produce abundant crops while protecting the environment. South Dakota Farmers are the “True Environmentalists.” For more information check out