Record Corn Crop Predicted in SD, US

- America’s farmers continue to overproduce. It’s what they do best, especially if Mother Nature decides to play along during the growing season. Year after year, our farmers continue to grow abundant, affordable and sustainable supplies of food, feed, fuel and fiber for folks at home and abroad. This trend of success will more than likely […]

Corn Comments 4.9 – LFTB

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster Jim Woster addresses the recent attacks on Lean Finely Trimmed Beef. This highly concentrated lean beef is not only nutritious but also good tasting. The producer of LFBT, Beef Products Inc. makes a huge difference in so many ways as they employ 3,000 people and add value to the entire United […]

A local look at arid Argentina

- “Era muy caliente, y muy seco.” For those who don’t speak Español, that translates to “It was very hot, and very dry.” That description comes from South Dakotan, Kevin Schnaser who recently served as a translator for a group of agriculture students from South Dakota State University who traveled to Argentina on a two week study […]

U.S. House continues to fight E15

- The United States House of Representatives is on a mission to take apart the Environmental Protection Agency. Whether they are right or wrong isn’t the issue, it’s the fact that they continue to put politics ahead of the countries clean energy future. Last January, the EPA approved the blend E15 (15% ethanol, 85% gasoline) as […]

U.S. Energy Goal: Reduce foreign oil, expand domestic biofuels

- During a press conference from Georgetown University on Wednesday morning, President Barack Obama laid out his administration’s “Energy Security” blueprint moving forward. The plan detailed having 80% of our energy be clean energy by the year 2035 which included biomass, wind, solar, natural gas, hydropower, hybrids and also biofuels. “We will aim to cut our […]

America’s ugly dependence on foreign oil

- As controversy continues to swirl in the Middle East, oil prices continue to soar. High oil prices affect nearly all American motorists in a negative way and the time has come for additional domestic alternatives.  Biodiesel, ethanol, electric, hydrogen, natural gas and advanced biofuels are all part of the current and future plan but further […]

Congress votes no on Ethanol

- In an attempt to reduce the federal budget, the United States House of Representatives voted to block the implementation funding of E15 to the marketplace through House Resolution 156. While attempting to save money, Congress is actually squandering tax payer dollars as House Resolution 156 will waste the money that has been spent by the […]

Ethanol is not the problem, but the answer

- In spite of a couple misguided journalists during the past week, ethanol is not the cause of Egypt’s problems, but it could be the answer to ours. Larry Kudlow’s recent National Review Online article blames American ethanol production for the current protests in Egypt as he feels corn is being grown instead of wheat for […]

Tall Tales about Frogs and Atrazine

- Negative reports about atrazine, the most common pesticide application in United States, maybe seem redundant, but yet another was released this week. Dr. Tyrone Hayes, who has been discredited by the EPA multiple times, released another report claiming that exposure to the pesticide, atrazine, caused male frogs to transform into females.  Prior research by Dr. […]

The True Value of Distiller Grains

- How do you put a real value on something? What kind of effect must something have before it’s truly valued or appreciated? Distiller grains, the byproduct of corn ethanol is benefitting ethanol plants, ranchers and the United States trade deficit, but still some state and federal governments don’t seem to understand it true value. When […]