Flooding Resources for Farmers

- Tragedy has struck across South Dakota this past week with tornadoes, hail storms, high winds and flooding (due to record rainfall) have damaged farms, homes, cropland and much more. This is a tough time for so many in our state and region as inclement weather knows no boundaries. Blogging and other social media sort of […]

Early Planting: Friend or Foe?

- Spring has arrived in South Dakota as the grass is turning green and the trees are budding. After experiencing an extremely mild winter across the plains, much of the farmland is warm and dry which means farmers are itching to plant corn. There are a number of things to consider when planting early including weather […]

Ready, Set, Harvest

- Aaaand there off… as combines slowly creep across the South Dakota plains, farmers have begun harvesting their 2011 corn crop. Normally, most farmers would harvest their soybeans prior to corn but this year of course has been very unique in terms of weather and crop maturity. Yet again Mother Nature has again showed everyone who’s […]

Weather: The #1 crop variable

- If you’re a regular reader of this blog, by now you are more than familiar with all of the things corn farmers are doing to become more efficient while producing record crops. But not everything is in the hand of the farmer. They may be able to choose their farming practices, seed variety and fertilizer, […]

New Ag iPad App

- Farmers are constantly on move, especially during spring planting season. Time is short but the need for information is still great as many decisions are determined around the weather, markets and expert information. Access to this data has to be quick and simple which is why a new farming tool from DTN, an overall agriculture […]