NRCS Extends SOSM Comment Period

- The Natural Resources Conservation Service announced today that it has extended the period for which it will be receiving comments on its proposed State Offsite Methods for Wetland Determinations until Friday, February 20th. The extension provides the public with 17 extra days to submit official comments, as the prior deadline had been tomorrow, Tuesday, February […]

Wetland Determination Backlog Update

- The enormous backlog of wetland determinations in South Dakota is slowly on the decline, but still outnumbers its three Prairie Pothole neighbors (North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa) combined. As of April 1st, the South Dakota Natural Resource Conservation Service had 2,944 wetland determination requests on its backlog while North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa totaled 2,095. […]

Government Shutdown Halts Wetland Determinations

- Just as farmers work to clear their fields this harvest, the government has been shut down along with all USDA, FSA and NRCS offices. There are a number of ways this affects farmers from crop reports, financing and conservation program sign-up to name a few. But a hot-button issue in South Dakota is the further […]

Wetland Determination backlog update

- South Dakota Corn continues to monitor the state’s NRCS wetland determination process and its backlog as we look for ways to help farmers minimize their wait times. As of August 14th, the current South Dakota NRCS wetland determination backlog was around 3,300. That number shows short-term progress as it is down from 3,600 in July […]

Wetland Determination Backlog Remains Disappointing

- As farmers, the state National Resources Conservation Service and independent consultants continue to work together to protect natural resources while improving farm land potential, a gigantic backlog of wetland determinations remain in South Dakota. (A quick background on this issue: In order for land owners to perform drainage activity, they must first have Wetland Determination […]