Wetland Issues Update

- Determination Backlog The Natural Resources Conservation Service’s wetland determination backlog continues to decline in South Dakota. Just two years ago the state was faced with a backlog of over 3,800 determination requests, but now is down to 1,529 as of September 1st. Requests have fallen significantly since 2011; regardless, positive progress has been made. The […]

Wetland Determination backlog update

- South Dakota Corn continues to monitor the state’s NRCS wetland determination process and its backlog as we look for ways to help farmers minimize their wait times. As of August 14th, the current South Dakota NRCS wetland determination backlog was around 3,300. That number shows short-term progress as it is down from 3,600 in July […]

Soaring geese populations, problems

- Over the past decade, geese populations have exploded in South Dakota. While that is good news for waterfowl hunters (who are on the decline), it can be bad news for farmers whose fields have become feeding grounds for the soaring populations. Since 2000, $4.3 million has been spent on geese depredation in South Dakota. In […]

Senate Bill 179 Defeated

- Senate Bill 179, an act to “provide for a uniform county drainage permit application form and to remove the maximum limit for drainage permit fees,” was defeated 6-1 today in the Senate Local Government Committee after an onslaught of opposition from six different agricultural organizations, several farmers, county commissioners and various water management consultants. An […]