Ethanol is environmentally friendly, renewable, safe and it contributes to our energy independence.

Using ethanol reduces harmful auto emissions and reduces our dependence on foreign oil and expensive domestic crude oil.

One bushel of field corn yields 2.8 gallons of fuel ethanol and 17.5 pounds of high protein dried distillers grain for livestock feed.

  • Every barrel of American-made ethanol directly displaces 1.2 barrels of crude oil.
  • Ethanol decreases the price of gasoline by as much as 40 cents per gallon.
  • Ethanol use reduces carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and other pollutants.

Economic Impact of Ethanol

Ethanol production adds value to U.S. agricultural products and brings billions of dollars into the nation’s economy each year.

  • In 2012, the production of 13.3 billion gallons of ethanol directly employed 87,292 Americans, and an additional 295,969 jobs were indirectly affiliated with or induced by ethanol production.
  • In 2012, ethanol contributed $43.4 billion to the national Gross Domestic Product and added $30.2 billion to household income.

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