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Protecting the Interests of Corn Growers Through the State Political Process

South Dakota Corn Growers’ CORNPAC is a state political action committee that promotes the economic and social well-being of South Dakota corn producers.

We provide an opportunity for agricultural supporters to take part in electing state officials through contributions raised to fund political campaigns. And we contribute only to those candidates who are willing to demonstrate support to the needs and values of South Dakota corn producers.

What state issues are examples of what are important to CORNPAC supporters?

  • Property taxes
  • Spending "Pay-fors"
  • Laws that potentially affect the ability to easily obtain clear title and/or financing for land

Why does my support matter?

The CORNPAC makes our interests known to candidates. Legislators need the support of the agricultural community to fund their election campaigns. And a contribution from CORNPAC demonstrates our respect for a candidate’s agricultural views.

How much do I contribute?

Only as much as you are comfortable contributing, and no more. Contributions above $100 require the PAC to disclose to the South Dakota Secretary of State the donor's name, address and donation amount on an individual basis.

Who does CORNPAC support?

CORNPAC supports candidates for election to the South Dakota Legislature and state constitutional offices.

Generally, CORNPAC uses an evaluation system that may include—but is not limited to—the following factors:

  • First and foremost, the candidates voting record on issues involving agricultural policy.
  • The candidate’s membership in the South Dakota Corn Growers Association or occupation as a corn farmer.
  • The candidate’s leadership or policy-shaping position in their respective chamber.