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South Dakota Corn Growers Association

The South Dakota Corn Growers Association works to increase the profitability of all South Dakota Corn farmers through our membership’s strong voice in all legislative activities.

These fundamental beliefs guide our work every day:

  • We have a commitment to meet the needs of our consumers and customers in a changing world.
  • We must encourage national and state leaders to lead policy that promotes a thriving agricultural sector.
  • We need to improve our national infrastructure so farmers can get their products to market in a safe and effective manner.
  • We must secure a bright future for tomorrow’s farmers and not limit their opportunities.
  • We must leave our land in better shape than we found it so generations to come can meet the needs of the growing world population.

Farmer Led and South Dakota Focused.

South Dakota corn producers formed the SDCGA membership organization in 1986 to serve as a collective voice on issues at the state and national levels.

The state is divided into nine districts for representation. SDCGA board of directors consists of nine producers who are elected by fellow South Dakota corn producers from their respective districts. In addition, two at-large farmer directors and three industry representatives are approved to sit on the board. SDCGA directors are elected at the SDCGA annual meeting in January.

SDCGA is involved with all legislative issues, yield contests and membership recruitment activities. We also manage South Dakota Corn Growers Association’s political action committee, CORNPAC. SDCGA meets annually to pass resolutions and hold board elections.

SDCGA Resolutions SDCGA Bylaws
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