Water Droplets on Corn


Farm Family

For Farmers

South Dakota Corn provides learning opportunities for farmers through our News, Jim Woster’s Corn Comments, seminars on timely topics at the Annual Conference and yearly Growing On meetings held in conjunction with Farm Credit Services.

We are at the forefront of farming issues and trends, and we serve as a resource for Farmers as needed. Our relationships with industry partners, other commodity groups and policymakers help us connect Farmers with the information or assistance they need.


For Consumers

One of the goals of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council is to help everyone in the state understand and appreciate farmers and farming. Agriculture is South Dakota’s largest economic sector, yet many non-farmers have no knowledge of present-day farming practices, challenges and solutions.

Encouraging dialogue between farmers and non-farmers leads to increased trust, improved communications and a more favorable overall environment for agriculture.

We encourage consumers to visit This Is Farming to learn more about topics such as the economic impact of agriculture in South Dakota, farming practices, technology and more.

Father Son

For Kids

It’s important to South Dakota Corn and our members that the next generation understands what farmers do. We offer several resources for helping children learn.