Water Droplets on Corn


South Dakota Corn supports and funds important research projects that directly benefit farmers. We work closely with South Dakota State University on a number of those. We have many other research partners, including the National Corn Growers Association, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Argonne National Laboratory, the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and Pheasants Forever.

A sampling of research projects

  • Soil carbon retention, low-carbon fuel opportunities
  • Enhancing the nutritive value of DDGS to improve digestibility in swine
  • Fertilization management to reduce potential yield declines following no-till adoption
  • Managing saline/sodic soils
  • In-season nitrogen application in corn to improve fertilizer efficiency in eastern South Dakota
  • Impacts of manure and inorganic fertilizer on soil fertility, water quality and crop yield in South Dakota
  • Rotations, including inter-cropping and relay cropping
  • Soil health and sustainability
  • Cover crops
  • Livestock integration
  • Fungal diseases and insect problems