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Important Work being done by the SD Corn Utilization Council in 2024

Welcome to corn comments, I’m DaNita Murray, Executive Director at South Dakota Corn. We are brought to you by the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council, a volunteer group of farmers who promote corn marketing in this state, the US and around the globe.

The SD Corn Utilization Council supports work on multiple efforts that affect farmers including a focus on issues surrounding inputs. For instance, fertilizer prices soared during the last corn price increase, as they had the time before when prices spiked. We are working to take a serious look at what options might be available to begin to address this ongoing cycle.

Another good example is crop protection. Recently, the EPA announced a problematic herbicide framework within the context of the Endangered Species Act that would significantly impact the ability for a producer to use an active ingredient on covered acres. We remain committed to helping preserve the access to these important tools that affect the ability of farmers to raise a corn crop.

There’s a lot of important work being done at the SD Corn Utilization Council. Stay tuned for updates!