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2010 Year in review

Posted on December 30, 2010

What a year it has been. To review I have picked out the top 12 blog posts (in no particular order) from the first year of the South Dakota corn blog to reflect on everything that has taken place over the past year. Enjoy.

South Dakota’s 2009 record corn harvest

Taking on HSUS and their Anti-Ag Agenda

The Importance of VEETC in South Dakota

PETA Blowing Smoke in South Dakota

Farm Bill Hearing in Sioux Falls

Turning Corn Farmers into Agvocates

South Dakota Sets the Bar for Fuel Choice in America

VeraSun Debt Collectors back down

EPA approves E15 for vehicles 2007 or newer

Indirect Land Use Change “Theory”…is just that

SD Corn champions American Ethanol, NASCAR partnership

“Laudable-Duck” Congress extends VEETC

South Dakota Corn appreciates all of its blog readers and we will strive to continue educating and informing both farmers and consumers about important agriculture news and topics in our state, nation and world. In its first year, the Corn Hugger Blog reached over 15,000 different people in 104 South Dakota towns, all 50 states and 99 countries around the world.

During the coming year, we encourage all of you to share our information with your friends and colleagues to further our message of “Agvocacy”.

South Dakota Corn would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.

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