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2011 in Review

Posted on December 30, 2011

2011 was a year of extremes in South Dakota. Everything from weather, crop prices and policy issues seemed to fluctuate dramatically and things really haven’t calmed down yet. To look back and reflect on those events we have chosen our top 11 blog posts from 2011 (in no particular order).

American Ethanol kicks off at Daytona

Reason(s) behind rising food prices?

Glenn Beck fails Ethanol 101

Every day is Earth Day on the farm

Ethanol reduces America’s dependence on foreign oil

Disasters put life in perspective

RFS not hurting cattle profits

Not so costly corn

The Growing Value of Distillers Grains

Pollan backtracks on HFCS

Absolute Hogwash!

South Dakota Corn appreciates all of its blog readers as we continue in our efforts to educate and inform both farmers and consumers about important agriculture related news, events and policy taking place in our state, nation and world. In our second year, the Corn Hugger Blog reached over 25,000 people in 86 South Dakota communities, in all 50 states and 129 countries around the world.

During the coming year, we continue to encourage our readers, followers and friends to share our information and your own personal insights with your friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues to further our message of “Agvocacy”.

South Dakota Corn would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.

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