2020 NCGA corn yield contest winners announced

Sioux Falls, S.D. – The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) announced the winners of their national and state corn yield contests. This is an opportunity for corn growers to compete with other farmers to grow the most corn per acre across multiple categories.

Out of the 157 entries in South Dakota here are the top three highlights. Brennen Reid Bird of Elk Point had the highest yield in the state with 310.69 bushels per acre using Pioneer P1185AM seed, conventional non-irrigated.

Darren Mosel of Chamberlain harvested 303.05 bushels per acre in the strip, min, mulch, ridge-till irrigated category with DEKALB DKC59-82RIB seed and Steve Breding of Chamberlain had a yield of 294.42 bushels per acre with Channel 213-19VT2PRIB hybrid in the no-till irrigated category.

“South Dakota corn farmers continue to push the yield curve,” South Dakota Corn Executive Director Lisa Richardson said. “It’s always exciting to see what corn farmers and mother nature do with technology advancement and rapidly changing farming techniques.”

The National Corn Yield Contest is in its 56th year and the program remains the most popular program for NCGA members across the country.

“The corn yield contest brings farmers together with friendly competition, while finding new and innovative ways to optimize our overall yields,” said Doug Noem, president of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association. “These innovations allow us to meet demands while creating future corn hybrids, not only in South Dakota, but across the country. Congratulations to all of our South Dakota farmers who placed in this year’s contest.”

Winners in South Dakota’s contest:

RANK/NAME/CITY                                         BRAND                        HYBRID                       YIELD


  1. Brennen Reid Bird, Elk Point                  Pioneer                       P1185AM                    310.69
  2. Harold Wipf, Scotland                             Pioneer                       P1366AM                    273.76
  3. Jason Kokes, Tabor                                Pioneer                       P1366AM                    270.38


  1. Scott McKee, Hawarden                          Pioneer                       P0507Q                       272.83
  2. Dean Bosse, Elk Point                             Pioneer                       P1082AM                    267.31
  3. Jeffery Fliehs, Groton                              Pioneer                       P9880AM                    255.31


  1. Benji Obbink, Ireton                                 Pioneer                       P1185AM                    280.09
  2. Brian Hefty, Baltic                                    Hefty Seed                  H5832                         265.86
  3. Robert Holzwarth, Hazel                         Hefty Seed                  H4922                         242.19


  1. Steve Breding, Chamberlain                    Channel                       213-19VT2PRIB           294.42


  1. Darren Mosel, Chamberlain                     DEKALB                       DKC59-82RIB               303.05
  2. Tyler and Jerry Poeschl, Yankton             Pioneer                       P1366AM                    278.92
  3. Scott and Tammy Slepikas, Huron           Pioneer                       P0339Q                       261.10


  1. Samuel Waldner, Huron                            Beck’s Hybrids            5699VT2P                    281.06
  2. Kerry Hofer, Freeman                                Pioneer                       P1185AM                    280.54
  3. Jarrod Hagena, Hurley                              Pioneer                       P1185AM                    276.65



About SDCGA: South Dakota Corn Growers Association (SDCGA) serves as a powerful legislative voice for corn farmers in the state. This active commodity group collaborates to promote corn by influencing public policy, educating consumers, developing new corn markets, increasing corn usage and improving grower profitability. Details at sdcorn.org.