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625,143 Trees Planted in ’13

Posted on January 30, 2014


While the attacks on farmers continued in 2013 from environmental extremists and others, South Dakota farmers and landowners were busy planting trees. 625,143 is the exact number from the South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts, which is around 770 miles of trees, or about the distance from the South Dakota boarder to Dallas, Texas.

Tree planting statistics from the past several years have shown an increased commitment to the environment. South Dakotans have planted more windbreaks during the last 14 years than they did in the previous 26 before that.

Along with improved farming practices including reduced tillage, cover crops and enhanced water management, these tree planting statistics are simply another source to prove that South Dakota farmers and landowners have a growing commitment to a sustainable future that benefits the land, water and wildlife.

Below are the tree totals from 2013

Total Plantings in Acres: 1,687.2

Field Wind Breaks: 334.5 acres

Farm Stead Wind Breaks: 636.6 acres

Renovation Plantings: 182.3

Wildlife Plantings: 416.4 acres

Other Plantings: 117.5 acres

Total Trees Planted: 625,143

Deciduous Stock Planted: 327,805 trees

Coniferous Stock Planted: 297,338 trees

Average Trees Per Acre: 371

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