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Achieving high yields in South Dakota

Posted on March 27, 2012

As corn yields in South Dakota have nearly doubled during the last 20 years, vast potential still remains for our states number one commodity.

At the 2012 Precision Ag Conference in Sioux Falls, John Deere Agronomist, Tom Doerge addressed this issue by sharing with farmers what they can do to produce top yields.

Producing high yields requires two different types of management, proactive and reactive. Proactive management allows you to select your seed genetics and field plan. Reactive is how your respond to your environment and the interaction between your genetics, practices and weather.

“You have to plan for high yields, or your not going to get them,” said Doerge. “Then you need to react to protect those high yields.”

Doerge also shared his steps towards managing a 300 bushel per acre corn crop.

1. Superior hybrid

2. Early season nitrogen

3. Achieve desired plant population

4. Optimize planter operation

5. Field scouting

6. Adequate drainage

7. Crop rotation

8. Harvest handling and storage

9. Manage plant residue

10. Minimize compaction

11. Weed Control

12. Macro nutrients

13. Apply nitrogen side dressed before V7

With South Dakota corn yield contest entries coming in just under 300 bushels per acre, farmers understand the potential is clearly there, but it’s now a matter of figuring our what management steps work best for you or your farm.

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