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Biofuels get a boost in SD

Posted on October 14, 2011

The small town of Marion, South Dakota received some very exciting news recently in the form of funding from the United States Department of Agriculture. NuGen Energy LLC, a corn ethanol producer and partner of Central Farmers Co-op was selected to receive a $71,191 payment for using sources other than corn starch in their ethanol production. NuGen Energy uses the crop milo in their processing and has been for some time.

“We can use it up to a five percent blend in our process,” said NuGen’s controller, Loren Johnson. “We’ve been taking milo since we started operating in 2008.”

Diversifying local and sustainable sources will help in ensuring future biofuel supplies and eventually lead to the development of other advanced biofuel sources. Most of NuGen’s milo originates from western South Dakota and blending still produces a high-quality distillers grain for livestock.

NuGen Energy was just one of 160 energy producers from 41states to receive funds as part of USDA’s Advanced Biofuel Producer Payments from the 2008 Farm Bill. Broadening and developing additional renewable energy sources is a part of the United States long-term goal of creating a clean energy future.

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