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Choose American-Made Fuel this Memorial Day

Posted on May 22, 2014

wave_usa_flagMiddletown Insider

As we pay tribute to our military veterans this Memorial Day, save money on your travels by choosing clean-burning, American-made ethanol when filling up at the pump. As expected, the oil industry once again is gouging the American consumers by raising gasoline prices just before one of the biggest travel and patriotic holidays of the year. But you can fight back by purchasing domestic, renewable fuel.

As regular gasoline prices continue in their uptick towards $4 per gallon, E85 has stayed consistently under $3 per gallon in most areas, giving consumers with flex fuel vehicles over a dollar per gallon in savings at most stations in the Midwest. Other ethanol blends such as E10, E15 and E30 also offer significant savings in most cases.

By choosing ethanol, you are helping to reduce the country’s dangerous dependence on foreign energy sources. Last year alone, ethanol reduced America’s dependence on foreign oil by 476 million barrels, saving the United States more $48 billion in imported oil.

Renewable fuels like ethanol are sustainable and benefit the environment as they drastically reduce carbon, greenhouse gas and other nasty emissions that pollute the air we breathe.

Furthermore, American ethanol gives a big boost to the local and national economy. Creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, generating millions of dollars in tax revenues and catalyzing value-added agriculture.

So as we remember and pay tribute to America’s military veterans this Memorial Day, consider this: NO WARS HAVE BEEN FOUGHT OVER ETHANOL.

To help you locate ethanol blender pumps during your holiday travels, click on the following link for an interactive ethanol blender pump map:


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