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Common Sense, Science Prevail in California

Posted on November 09, 2012

That title might sound like an oxymoron to some, but the voters in California came up big for farmers and food consumers across the nation on Tuesday night. Californians voted down Proposition 37, a proposed law that would’ve mandated some foods containing GMO’s to be labeled as such.

Prop37 contained numerous flaws in the way it treated different foods including a number of exemptions like wine and food at restaurants. It also would have driven up costs for both farmers and consumers, setting a dangerous precedent for unnecessary labeling laws in other states.

Unnecessary because thousands of studies and several organizations all agree that GMO’s are safe including the American Medical Association and Food & Drug Administration who have both concluded that foods and beverages that contain GMOs are materially no different from those that do not contain such ingredients and are indeed safe.

Not only was science and consumer economics on the side of a “no” vote, but also nearly every major newspaper in California. Millions of dollars on both sides of the issue were spent and luckily, science and common sense prevailed as Prop 37 was voted down 54-46%.

While the proposition may have lost, there is already talk of attempts in other states including Washington. So as the fight is over for now in California, the battle on biotechnology and affordable food in America is just getting started.

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