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Community Outreach 2023

Posted on October 11, 2023
Community Outreach

In a predominantly rural, agriculturally-driven state like South Dakota it can be hard to fathom why the majority of its residents don’t understand the critical nature of farming to their local economy or how it affects their food and fuel supplies. However, the fact that the average American is at least three generations removed from the farm* may be the primary reason why.

To counteract this lack of connection to agriculture, South Dakota Corn has made community outreach a critical initiative sparking curiosity and interest about farming and the importance of how farms impact our everyday lives. This spring and summer, the South Dakota Corn team attended educational events and fairs across the state, as well as supported agricultural focused groups and endeavors to reach both youth and adults to share why agriculture is important to all South Dakotans.

Events include but are not limited to:

Brown County Fair

Dakota Relays Sponsor

Ground Works Connect Sponsor

Hefty Ag PhD Field Day

Hungry for Truth Ag Trivia

Sioux Empire Fair

South Dakota State Fair

Turner County Fair

Washington Pavilion Ag Day

Women In Agriculture Sponsor

Want to help spread the good news about corn?

Here are some great talking points to share with your friends & neighbors!

• 64% of South Dakota corn is used for ethanol production. Ethanol saves drivers money at the pump, reduces green-house-gas emissions, reduces our dependence on foreign oil and enriches our communities by adding $2.5 billion to area household incomes and providing nearly 30,000 full-time, well-paying jobs!

• 11,219 farms in South Dakota produce 740 million bushels of corn every year.

• South Dakota’s agriculture and forestry industries/related economic activities are the largest contributor to the state economy with more than $32 billion in total output, which is approximately 29% of the state’s total output.

• Corn is the most-planted crop in South Dakota with more than 5 million acres harvested according to the USDA/NASS 2022 State Agriculture Overview for South Dakota.

• 95% of South Dakota farms are family farms.

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