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Corn farmers head to the hill

Posted on July 16, 2014


Corn farmers from across the country including some from South Dakota are taking time out of their busy schedules to meet in Washington, D.C. this week with lawmakers and to discuss important policy matters with fellow American corn farmers.

South Dakota farmers participated in a number of National Corn Growers Action Team meetings Monday and Tuesday and will partake in Corn Congress discussions today and tomorrow, setting the national organization’s policy for the coming year.

While in D.C., the corn board directors and staff will roam the halls of Congress and visit with South Dakota’s delegation: Representative Kristi Noem and Senators John Thune and Tim Johnson.

“Having face-to-face discussions with our representatives is not only good for our members, but also for the lawmakers themselves who enjoy hearing first-hand about the issues that are affecting growers back home,” said SDCGA president Keith Alverson.

Currently, top issues facing South Dakota farmers on a national level include a major railcar backlog that has widened the basis and has put the quality of last year’s crop in jeopardy.

Other matters on the minds of farmers include the importance of a timely farm bill implementation, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waters of the Untied States proposal and the EPA’s unresolved Renewable Fuel Standard rule for 2014.

“There never seems to be shortage of hot-button issues affecting farmers today, which make these visits to D.C. critically important,” stated Alverson. “We are fortunate to have a wonderful working relationship with our entire congressional delegation, which is something our organization’s members should take pride in.”

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