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Corn yield winners top 290 bushels per acre

Posted on December 24, 2018

Five entries topped 290 bushels per acre in an annual corn yield contest sponsored by the South Dakota Corn Growers Association.

Scott McKee of Hawarden, Iowa had the highest yield in the state at 299.33 bushels per acre on a South Dakota field near the Iowa border. Kory Standy of Platte, Travis Mockler of Centerville, Steve Breding of Chamberlain and Dean Bosse of Elk Point also cracked the 290 mark.

There are four divisions: non-irrigated; no-till/strip till non-irrigated; irrigated; no-till/strip till irrigated. The South Dakota contest is held in conjunction with the National Corn Yield Contest, which is in its 54th year and its most popular program for members.

Here’s a list of South Dakota winners, including seed brand, hybrid and yield. Below this list is a region-by-region chart of place winners.



  1. Scott McKee, Hawarden, Iowa Pioneer P1151AMX 299.33
  2. Travis Mockler, Centerville, Pioneer P1366AM 292.5
  3. Dean Bosse, Elk Point Pioneer P1197AM 291.08

No-till/strip-till non-irrigated

  1. Travis Swisher, Groton Dekalb DKC46-79RIB 272.67
  2. Robert Swisher, Groton Dekalb DKC46-36RIB 269.68
  3. Robert Holzwarth, Hazel Hefty Seed H5003 265.56

No-till/strip-till irrigated

  1. Steve Breding, Chamberlain Channel 213-19STXRIB 292.02
  2. Tyler & Jerry Poeschle, Yankton Pioneer P1366AM 269.12
  3. Scott &Tammy Slepikas, Huron Pioneer P0339AMXT 268.0


  1. Kory Standy, Platte Dekalb DKC62-97RIB 292.94
  2. Bob Creasy, Geddes Pioneer P0919Am 286.79
  3. Brennen Bird, Elk Point Dekalb DKC60-69RIB 285.57

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