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EPA’s final renewable fuel rule disappoints South Dakota corn farmers

Posted on December 19, 2019
Ethanol Plant

The Environmental Protection Agency issued its final 2020 Renewable Volume Obligation rule today, setting volumes and accounting for waivers that it issues to oil refineries. Instead of using a three-year rolling average of actual renewable fuel gallons waived for the oil industry, the EPA plans to use an average of gallons that the Department of Energy recommends waiving. The biofuels industry strongly supports an average based on actual gallons waived.

South Dakota Corn Growers Association President Doug Noem of Bryant issued the following statement.

“Today’s announcement isn’t surprising based on the EPA’s track record when it comes to biofuels, but it’s certainly disappointing. This has been a difficult time for the agriculture and ethanol industries, and it becomes even more challenging when the EPA chooses to sidestep its volume obligation by handing out waivers liberally. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler assures us his agency will fulfill its commitment to blending 15 billion gallons of biofuels in 2020. If that target isn’t met, he must be held accountable. A 15-billion-gallon commitment is a 15-billion-gallon commitment – no more smoke and mirrors.”

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