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EPA's Multi-Pollutant Emission Standards Proposal to Reduce Carbon Emissions Requires Collaborative Efforts

Posted on July 06, 2023
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On April 12, 2023, United States Environmental Protection Agency announced new, more ambitious proposed standards to further reduce harmful air pollutant emissions from light-duty and medium-duty vehicles starting with model year 2027.

The EPA needs to deliver complete and accurate information regarding the true costs and feasibility of implementing proposed regulations when determining policy regarding multi-pollutant emission standards. America’s infrastructure isn’t ready for a proposal that has inaccurate, economic impact data and unrealistic timelines to implement. A true solution for Americans is a collaborative effort with proven low carbon, affordable and renewable fuels such as ethanol.

South Dakota corn farmers have been committed to reducing carbon emissions through affordable renewable fuels like ethanol for decades. The EPA’s multi-pollutant emission standards proposal doesn’t take into account the true costs associated with a singular electric vehicle solution that our country’s infrastructure isn’t prepared to meet.

Renewable fuels are a feasible and cost-effective way to reduce emissions from light-duty vehicles. The blending of 10 percent renewable ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply already reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the light-duty fleet by tens of millions of tons a year and saves Americans thousands at the pump.

Help us demand a collaborative solution that works on every front for Americans.

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