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Ethanol Facts for Star Tron Delusions

Posted on April 17, 2012

Every once and a while you see a marketing campaign that creates their own “truth” in order to sell their company’s widget at the expense of another industry. This is the case with Star Tron, an enzyme fuel treatment, whose brochure reads: “Ethanol 101 – The 4 Main Problems Caused by Ethanol Fuel.”

Citing zero sources, Star Tron’s brochure tells of the problems caused by ethanol, but most are actually simple misconceptions. Let’s clear them up with 4 Ethanol FACTS.

Fact 1 – Debris

Ethanol is a very clean burning fuel and actually has been credited for the removal of sludge and particles left behind by low-grade gasoline in your engine.

Fact 2 – Performance

Ethanol fuel actually boosts a motor’s power and performance as it has an octane rating of 113, the highest available on the market today.

Fact 3 – Small Engines

All mainstream manufacturers of power equipment, motorcycles, snowmobiles and outboard motors permit the use of ethanol blends in their products. In fact, Husqvarna, the world’s leader in outdoor power equipment, actually recommends using E10 in all of its products.

Fact 4 – Fuel Economy

Currently, ethanol is $1 less per gallon than gasoline offering consumers savings at the pump. In fact on average, an American family can expect to save $800 per year. In regards to MPG’s, some people have cited getting better fuel mileage using mid-level blends like E30. Today’s higher compression engines run much better on the higher-octane ethanol fuel.

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