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Failed Anti-Ethanol Amendment is a victory for consumers

Posted on June 14, 2011

The United States Senate stood up for America’s renewable fuels industry today as they voted against Oklahoma Senator, Tom Coburn’s anti-ethanol amendment with a vote of 59-40. The proposed amendment would have taken away the young industry’s incentives including VEETC (the blender’s credit) and the tariff on imported ethanol.

The Amendment would also have raised both gas prices and gas taxes on consumers making it even more painful at the pump with gas prices near $4/gallon. Along with raising prices, the amendment would also take a step backwards in America’s progress on energy independence.

“Domestically produced ethanol supports good-paying American jobs, keeps gas prices down and also keeps that money right here in the USA while lessening the amount we spend on foreign oil,” said South Dakota Corn Growers Association President, Gary Duffy of Oldham, SD. “I am proud to have South Dakota Senators, John Thune and Tim Johnson representing our state and standing up against Coburn’s Anti-Ethanol Amendment.”

The vote to keep domestic renewable fuel incentives in place is a victory for consumers, farmers and rural America today, however the fight is not over as more ethanol votes will be coming up in the weeks to follow.

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