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Flooding Resources for Farmers

Posted on June 19, 2014


Tragedy has struck across South Dakota this past week with tornadoes, hail storms, high winds and flooding (due to record rainfall) have damaged farms, homes, cropland and much more. This is a tough time for so many in our state and region as inclement weather knows no boundaries. Blogging and other social media sort of seem insignificant at a time like this, but it can be a good way to share resources with those who may need them.

South Dakota State University Extension has done a great job of compiling information for those affected by flooding.

To-do list for farmers with flooded fields

Field flooding: Impact of saturated, flooded, ponded soils on crop growth

Short-term flooding: Impacts on soil properties

Corn and soybean survival in waterlogged soils

Corn and Soybeans: High moisture may increase risk of some crop diseases

Rains may increase corn rootworm fatality

For more information about flooding and disaster response on family related matters, including homes, wells, property, food safety, etc, visit SDSU iGrow’s flooding page.

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