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Food Coalition Sues EPA over E15

Posted on November 10, 2010

A coalition of food groups, including the National Pork Producers have issued a lawsuit going after the Environmental Protection Agency for allowing E15 to be used in vehicles 2007 and newer, claiming that it is against the law to bifurcate fuels to different model years. The question now needs to be asked, at what point does common sense become part of the equation?

Let’s just state the obvious, some meat and food groups want cheap corn, and in the past have received it.

This isn’t the first time this coalition has been on the attack as they tried blaming increased food prices on ethanol in 2008 by spreading the Food vs. Fuel myth. But science prevailed as a study by the Congressional Budget Office revealed that ethanol only contributed .5-.8% of the 5.1% increase in food prices that year. A majority of the increase was due to increase in energy costs, like record oil prices.

So this food coalition goes after the EPA to slow the progress of our countries clean air, energy independence and job growth?

It’s time to be realistic. The EPA made their decision on E15 through the results of sound science. It was not determined on a whim, but after many months of testing, and in a few more weeks the EPA will likely ok E15 for vehicle model years 2001-2006 after additional testing.

Enough is enough with the meaningless banter. E15 is good for you, good for me and good for our country.

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