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Fueling Independence, Fighting High Gas Prices

Posted on July 01, 2014


Americans proudly celebrate their Independence every 4th of July and with that come a few things that can be expected: grilled hot dogs, baseball games, flags, fireworks, parades and high gas prices.

This trend continues in 2014 as gas prices are expected to reach their highest point in the past six years this week. How ironic heading into one of the biggest holiday travel weekends of the year.

Big Oil companies will point to the civil unrest and uncertainties in Iraq as a reason for the increases in gas prices.

In that case, be sure to choose a blend of American-made ethanol to fuel your ride instead of costly, dirty, low-octane gasoline imported from countries that dislike American values.

By choosing ethanol, you are strengthening our nation’s energy security and reducing our dangerous dependence on foreign oil. Since ethanol’s major expansion, oil imports have declined drastically (from 60% in 2007 to 35% in 2013).

Ethanol blends also provide a significant financial savings compared to gasoline. In South Dakota, drivers can save around $.25/gal by choosing E10 over E0. Other midlevel blends offer even greater savings. South Dakota is home to some of the lowest E85 prices in the nation offering motorists a savings of around $1/gallon or more! A new report shows that the average driver can expect to save $.61/gallon by fueling up with E85.

But the benefits don’t end there. American-made ethanol also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, supports thousands of local jobs, generates millions in tax revenues, is renewable as and is made from corn cultivated by local family farmers.

When it comes to freedom, Americans thankfully have the right to choose their fuel. The right to save money. The right for cleaner air. The right to purchase an American-made product. The right to choose ethanol: grown by us, for us.


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