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#Harvest13: Taking the good with the bad

Posted on October 24, 2013


It’s part of a farmer’s creed to never curse a rain, especially if you live in South Dakota, but chances are that unwritten rule was broken this last week by a few growers who woke up to snow or witnessed a continuous drizzle. That precipitation has delayed harvest for many, but there are some positives to come from it all.

While the recent weather hasn’t been ideal for harvesting, drought conditions have completely vanished from South Dakota as subsoil moisture continues to be replenished following the devastating drought in 2012.

Other good news is that yields appear to be coming in well-above average in areas across the state. Conversations from growers on Twitter using the hashtag #harvest13 have shared positive results for the most part as they scramble to pick their standing corn and soybeans before more inclement weather arrives.

As of Sunday (Oct 21), South Dakota farmers were 31% complete with corn harvest, shortly behind the five-year average of 44%. But with drier days ahead in the forecast, you can expect farmers get back on pace as they collect a potential record crop.


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