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John Deere introduces Flex Fuel Lawnmower

Posted on March 06, 2013

So much for the stereotype that small engines and ethanol don’t mix. Some manufacturers are now embracing the high-octane, renewable fuel to enhance their products. Last year, the small engine leader, Husqvarna recommended that customers use E10 in all of their products. Now John Deere joins this trend with their new flex fuel lawnmower.

The 24.6 horsepower, electronically fuel injected, John Deere Z925 M Flex Fuel mower can use regular gasoline or ethanol blends of up to 85%, just like that of flex fuel vehicles, giving consumers the freedom to choose when it comes to fuel. A choice to reduce nasty emissions, save money and support a locally produced product.

For more information you can view the new John Deere Flex Fuel Mower in their online catalog or at your local implement dealer.

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