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Last Chance – Tell the EPA: Don’t mess with the RFS!

Posted on January 27, 2014


The comment period on the EPA’s proposal to reduce the Renewable Fuel Standard volumes in 2014 comes to a close on Tuesday, January 28 at 11pm CT.

The EPA needs to know just how important this policy is to rural America. The time to take action is now!

A letter to the EPA has been crafted. All you have to do is click on this link, and if you agree with what we say, just add your name and address and hit the send key. It’s simple to do and takes just seconds. Feel free to add comments as you see appropriate. Please act now.

On the other side of this battle, the folks at BIG OIL have resorted to labeling farmers and ethanol supporters “extremists” in their latest national campaign. A disgusting and desperate attempt to protect their record profits while disrespecting the men and women who work to provide abundant and affordable food, feed, fuel and fiber.

It’s time for farmers, ethanol advocates and proud South Dakotans to take a stand against BIG OIL. Take a stand in support of American jobs, lower gas prices, cleaner air and renewable fuels.

Tell the EPA: “Don’t Mess With The RFS!”

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