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Posted on May 13, 2014


Smart phones have taken over our world as nearly everything folks can do on their desktop computer can now be done on a handheld device. Getting the most out of the technology available seems to be endless with millions of mobile apps available for download, offering users entertainment and/or convenience for their busy lives.

Farmers are not strangers to technology as many utilize precision agricultural tools such as auto-steering, field mapping and precision applications of seed and fertilizer.

More and more farmers today are also using smart phones as tools to further increase their farm and personal efficiency. To aid in that efficiency we have listed below nine different mobile applications to help farmers with just a handful of the many different jobs involved with raising a successful crop.

Seeding Rate Calculator

Growing Degree Days

NDSU Pest Management

Weed Manager Plus

Fertilizer Blend Calculator

Weather Underground

Cash Grain Bids

IRM Refuge Calculator

Flex-Fuel Station Locator


South Dakota Corn will soon be releasing an app of its own. This app will primarily be a grassroots tool to effectively communicate with growers about news, events and pertinent state and national legislation. Stay tuned!

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