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Planting complete, progress ahead

Posted on May 31, 2012

South Dakota farmers have finished planting what could be the biggest corn crop in state history on an estimated 5.5 million acres. They did so in quick fashion as the mild winter and dry month of April allowed for the crop to be seeded early putting the possible massive crop on the fast track.

According to the USDA’s National Ag Statistics Office, as of May 27th, South Dakota’s corn crop is 99% planted, 12% ahead of the five-year average and 17% ahead of last year.

86% of the crop has emerged, which is 39% ahead of the five-year average and 48% ahead of last year. The average plant stands four inches high, which is two inches ahead of the five-year average and four inches above last year’s average height of zero.

Along with the quick emergence, the corn crop quality is also sitting very nice. 85% of crop is rated as Good to Excellent, 15% Fair and 1% Poor. That positive crop condition largely due in part to the adequate top and subsoil moisture after being blessed with timely rains over much of the state during the month of May.

Early seeding, adequate moisture and a quality crop condition could be the formula for another bumper corn crop in South Dakota. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Mother Nature is in charge and June is just beginning.

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