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PUMP explains oil’s monopoly, explores options

Posted on October 14, 2014

It’s no secret; oil has had a monopolistic hold on America’s transportation fuel supply for nearly a century. This has undoubtedly hurt American families due to high and volatile gasoline prices, along with nasty and harmful emissions that continue to pollute the air we breathe. With laws, regulations, subsidies and about everything seemingly in their favor oil companies spend billions, yes billions in their attempt to smear and block consumers’ access to American-made, renewable fuels.

The new documentary titled, “Pump,” exposes the oil industry and educates viewers about alternative options to gasoline that can not only save you money, but are better for the environment.

The film focuses on American-made and cleaner burning biofuels like ethanol, methanol and biodiesel, which are becoming more and more available throughout the country. The producers also take a look at electric cars, like those from the company TESLA.

Pump trailer:

For more on the movie and energy alternatives, check out this recent blog from the Renewable Fuels Association’s Robert White.

You can also learn more by visiting the films website:

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