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Reaching People in All the Right Places

Posted on May 29, 2019

Where do urban and rural South Dakotans of all ages gather (besides church)?

Sporting events! There’s nothing that brings folks together like high school, college and professional sports. And that’s why South Dakota Corn has broken the agricultural advertising mold and uses these venues to reach consumers.

School activities are immensely popular statewide, allowing South Dakota Corn to connect with thousands of people of all ages.

In fact, we are able to educate crowds at high school basketball, football, soccer, chorus and orchestra, volleyball, dance and cheer, gymnastics, wrestling, band and jazz band tournaments and championships on South Dakota Public Broadcasting, where we communicate farming messages.

At SDSU and USD football games, you’ll see South Dakota Corn sideline signage, video board displays, print program ads and digital board displays. In addition, we run TV and radio spots for those tuning in offsite.

You’ll also find us at the Summit League Championships and Sioux Falls Skyforce games in print program ads, video boards and on the radio.

Showdown Series

More recently, the Showdown Series wrapped up and SDSU took home the trophy this year. This is another example of how South Dakota Corn is reaching out in unique ways to reach a broader audience.

The idea of the Showdown Series is to capitalize on the highly visible rivalry between SDSU and USD.

“It’s a way to educate and remind people of the importance of agriculture in the state,” says Teddi Mueller of South Dakota Corn. Farmers are using advances in farming practices and technology to protect the environment and become more sustainable.

Mueller stresses that the Showdown Series partnership helps raise funds for Feeding South Dakota, a statewide not-for-profit working to eliminate hunger in our state and it creates recognition and goodwill for South Dakota corn farmers. There’s a natural, heartfelt connection between farmers, who take pride in helping put food on people’s plates, and Feeding South Dakota’s mission of getting food to hungry people.

“When SDSU and USD go head-to-head, everyone is paying attention,” says Mueller. “The Showdown Series creates awareness for South Dakota Corn and Feeding South Dakota throughout the entire state across 16 different sporting events during the year.”

The Necessity of Communicating to Consumers

South Dakota Corn’s advertising to consumers is based on providing education and building trust.

Agriculture is constantly changing. Consumers who are one or two generations removed from the farm may not recognize today’s farming practices and people tend to be uncomfortable with what they don’t understand. By sharing information on farming practices, and topics, we build a stronger bond with consumers.

Building trust with consumers on behalf of farmers is essential as we move into the future. South Dakota Corn recognizes the importance of maintaining positive connections with voters and influencers to prepare for tomorrow.

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