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Ready, Set, Harvest

Posted on September 28, 2011

Aaaand there off… as combines slowly creep across the South Dakota plains, farmers have begun harvesting their 2011 corn crop. Normally, most farmers would harvest their soybeans prior to corn but this year of course has been very unique in terms of weather and crop maturity. Yet again Mother Nature has again showed everyone who’s in charge.

A wet spring delayed some plantings but a hot and dry July and August pushed the crop progress along nearly catching up to the five year average. The dry field conditions have farmers ready to go as the extremely wet fall of 2009 has not been forgotten. While most fields are not quite ready, there has been some crop taken out and it will be interesting to watch the continued progress as corn harvest continues.

The latest report from USDA shows that as of September 25th, 2% of South Dakota’s corn crop had been harvested. That progress is equal compared to last year and 2% behind the state’s five year average.

While combining corn isn’t necessarily a race, most farmers would admit that they’re ready to shift gears and put the pedal down on this fall’s harvest gathering next year’s supply of food, feed, fuel and fiber.

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